Washington State Sentencing Guidelines Commission


The Sentencing Guidelines Commission derives its authority from the Sentencing Reform Act of 1981, which directs the Commission to evaluate and monitor adult and juvenile sentencing policies and practices, recommend modifications to the Governor and the Legislature and serve as a clearinghouse and information center on adult and juvenile sentencing.

Mission Statement

The Commission promotes accountability and equity in adult and juvenile sentencing, provides accurate and timely information about sentencing, and recommends improvements in the criminal justice system.

Please Note: As of July 1, Caseload Forecast Council will be assuming responsibility for the Sentencing Guidelines Commission’s adult felony and juvenile disposition databases, the annual sentencing statistical summaries, and the sentencing manuals. The Office of Financial Management will convene the Commission and the Sex Offender Policy Board as requested by the Governor or the Legislature, but the SGC will be eliminated as an independent agency. During this transition, most SGC staff can be reached at their current phone numbers and email addresses.  For more information, call 360-407-1050 or see ESSB 5891.


* Adult Sentencing Manual 2010 Supplement (PDF), including new errata sheets:

- Failure to Register as a Sex Offender (second or subsequent) (PDF)
- Theft, first degree (excluding motor vehicle) (PDF)
- Unlawful Storage of Anhydrous Ammonia (PDF)
* Juvenile Disposition Summary FY2010 (PDF)
* 20 Years in Adult Felony Sentencing 1989-2008 (PDF)
* Statistical Summary of Adult Felony Sentencing FY2010 (PDF)
* How we collect, check, process, and use Sentencing Data (PowerPoint)

* Order a printed version of the 2008 Adult Sentencing Manual

* Bed Impact Analysis Flow Chart (PDF)



2011 Washington State Sentencing Guidelines Commission
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